Speaker: Prof. Yi-Ke GUO

Machine Learning for Creativity


At the Data Science Institute of Imperial College, we are carrying out the study of generative approach in machine learning with the objective to investigating machine creativity. In my talk, I will provide a survey of our research in machine creativity based on representation learning and representation composition. We will also discuss some exciting applications examples and their possible impacts.

Prof. Yi-Ke GUO

About Prof. Yi-Ke GUO

Yike Guo is a Professor of Computing Science in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. He is the founding Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College, as well as leading the Discovery Science Group in the department. He has been working on technology and platforms for scientific data analysis, where his research focuses on knowledge discovery, data mining and large-scale data management. Professor Guo also holds the position of CTO of the tranSMART Foundation, a global open source community using and developing data sharing and analytics technology for translational medicine, and the position of CIO of IDBS, a world’s leading company in developing innovative data management and analytics solutions.