Prof. C.L. Philip CHEN,
University of Macau

Broad Learning (
A Paradigm Shift in Discriminative Incremental Learning
Prof. Yi-Ke GUO,
Imperial College London

Machine Learning for Creativity
Dr. Wen-Lian HSU,
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

SPBA: Statistical Principle-Based Approach for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition
Dr. Zhenguo LI,
Huawei Technologies

Meta-SGD: Learning to Learn Quickly for Few-Shot Learning
Dr. Yang LIU,
Tsinghua University

Deep Learning in Machine Translation
Dr. Xu SUN,
Peking University

Training Simplification and Model Simplification for Deep Learning:
A Minimal Effort Back Propagation Method

Prof. Dit-Yan YEUNG,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Deep Spatiotemporal Models for Sequence Prediction
Dr. Kun ZHANG,
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Deep Networks Meet Causal Modeling

Mr. Fred SHEU,
Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Microsoft AI for Global Good