Over the past few years, Google and many major IT companies have
invested significantly in Machine Learning technology, in particular, so-called “Deep Learning” using very-large-scale multi-layer neural networks, in order to enhance their services with, for example, better image searching and machine translation capabilities. Deep Learning has already demonstrated great success in applications across many domains such as object detection, image classification, speech recognition, natural language and text processing, medical diagnosis and drug discovery. We envision that Deep Learning will have great potential in many other areas of research and applications.


A Deep Learning Research & Applications Centre (DLC) was established in the Hang Seng Management College under funding support from the RGC. The main objectives of DLC are to promote and apply Deep Learning to projects in various domains and to escalate the research
performance of the College. This workshop is part of the DLC’s efforts to promote Deep Learning technology to the community and is a forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas in the application of Deep Learning in various domains.